Like that special moment when a woman ‘just knows’ it’s the right dress, we just knew we wanted to make that experience a part of our life’s work: to ensure every woman looking for the right dress for her special night gets to feel that way. How the dress perfectly highlights what she loves most about her body. How the fabric comfortably fits in all the right places. How stunning she looks in the colour. How it will never go out of style. And, perhaps most important: being able to picture in her mind how she’ll feel that night with the dress on. Upon walking into a room, she wants to feel powerful, magical, and authentic.

So, for the last 17 years, as the owners and seamstresses (and sisters who also speak Arabic if you need!) of Lucy’s Boutique & Alterations, we’ve been working to ensure that every woman looking for her perfect dress for her special night gets to feel that power, that magic, that authenticity. When she takes one final look in the mirror, emerges from the fitting room, and smiles without saying a word – because nothing needs to be said. She knows that “this is the dress!” 

At Lucy’s Boutique & Alterations, we have dresses and accessories for weddings, proms, graduations, communions, baptisms, and many other special moments in life. And we do the alterations ourselves – quickly! So, whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or just celebrating an important era in your life, there’s a perfect dress for you.

Visit us here in downtown Oakville (check out our reviews!), and let’s find your perfect dress.

With love,
Ban & Iman Putros